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Today: Basic Supplies


Every Student

Goal: Every primary school student in our four target villages

has basic supplies. 

2015-2021: 150 students.

Goal 2023: 200 students

Alarm Clock


Y&H in Mauritania delivers supplies twice during the school year.

*Every student receives two sets/year.

Notebook Sketch

Ample Supplies

Students study >5 subjects, so they need more than 1 notebook and pen.


One set of supplies =

6 notebooks, 12 pens

Helping Hand Icon

Diligent Delivery

We deliver by hand and communicate with school teachers to make sure students' basic supply 

needs are met.

Village Profile:
Goural, Mauritania

Population: 200 households

Geography: 5-6 km from regional capital Aleg and  250 km from national capital Nouakchott.

Refugee population: Earliest returned in 1997 and 1998; most returned between 2008 and 2010.


Gourel Primary School: 6 grades; 6 teachers appointed by the government (⅚ teachers commute from Aleg); ~200 students. 

Secondary School: ~65 students travel to Aleg for high school. 


Other Y&H Target Villages:
  • Gawdal

  • Diolly, near Rosso, Mauritania

  • Houdalaye, near Boghe, Mauritania

These villages consist of former refugee populations returned from Senegal in 2011.

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