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Our vision goes beyond basic supplies.
Our work will grow in these areas
as our capacity increases:


Access: Secondary Education

  • Transportation and food stipends for secondary education

  • Public and private secondary school scholarships


Quality Space:

  • Revive dilapidated classrooms

  • Fully furnish classrooms


Youth Leadership and Development

  • Continuing education opportunities 

  • Leadership workshops and career support

Project Partners 

In December 2018, Youth and Hope began partnering with the Sahel Foundation, a Nouakchott based education organization, to pilot our Secondary School Stipend project in Goural.


Our mission is to eliminate the financial barrier that prevents students from attending secondary school.  During this pilot phase, the Sahel Foundation will aid us in providing stipends to 10 senior students from Goural pursuing high school diplomas in Aleg.

We are excited to partner with the Sahel Foundation and bring new opportunities to Youth and Hope communities in Mauritania. 

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